Cyber-Plant is a MUST for Every Monitor!

Cyber-Plant is based upon the same patented technology which has made our parent Company, HydroPoly Plants, a world leader in artificial soil technology. 
HydroPoly, the parent Company of Cyber-Plant, is “a world leader in artificial soil technology.”

No Dirt . . . No Mess!

Water Once Per Three Months!

Hang It Anywhere!
(Velcro TM Included!)

Can Live For Years!

Our Millennium Soil is a clean, non-toxic and environmentally safe soil substitute. If the plant is alive, it will thrive in the HydroPoly system!

Plant roots penetrate and grow throughout the Millennium Soil, and can extract water and nutrients as required by the plant specie.

Among the extraordinary benefits of our patented system are the following:

No overwatering
The elimination of many plant diseases which are soil-borne


Cyber-Plants Hang Anywhere!

Refrigerator               Car Dashboards

                                                Bathroom Mirrors      Windows

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Cyber-Plants are great for businesses to help clean the air. If you are ordering in bulk please E-mail for a quote

Cyber-Plants sell for $9.95 each plus shipping.

  Choose from Black, Pink, Purple, Gray, Burgundy, Beige, Navy, Red outer sacks

E-mail any questions or orders   with Cyber-Plant in the subject

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